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Whitepaper - Understanding Acne - What You Thought You Knew

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A Realistic Approach to Acne by a Expert Doctor

A FREE Whitepaper by Gary Weinberger, MD FACS
52 Pages with 34 Pictures and Illustrations
With all the products, home remedies, and potions populating the internet these days it is amazing anyone is able to become a specialist in the study of acne, its causes, remedies, and what the clinical trials have resolved to be most important - your skin’s health in the long term.
Many products being sold will stop your acne - this is a proven fact; but once the acne is gone, the important fight is to accomplish concurrently the addition of the required natural nutrients the skin needs to remain healthy and acne free in the long-term. This is the area where Dr Gary Weinberger excels. While working with many of the most innovative skin care companies in the world, he has helped to develop many products that are on the cutting edge of skin care technology. Whether he is travelling to Italy to discover a better Lycopene for a hydrating skin cream, or jetting to Holland to secure the purest micro-milled Azelaic acid, Dr. Gary Weinberger knows no bounds when it comes to securing the best ingredients for the products he develops.

This whitepaper has tapped into Dr Weinberger’s accumulated knowledge and thus becomes the definitive source of methods to fight acne, while improving the overall health of your skin.
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