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Two Products Named by New Beauty Magazine as 100 Best Buys

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Lycopene was Called
"The King of Antioxidants"
by Mt Sinai Medical School

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Our MIssion is DEdicated to your Skin Care Needs

Lycopene Skin Care is a collaborative effort by American and Italian research teams to formulate skin care products unlocking the power of nature’s most powerful age-defying antioxidant Lycopene. Our natural and organic Lycopene infused products are tested and effective for all skin types, ages, and ethnicity.  The products are 100% guaranteed and using them will enable you to Nurture, Protect, Rehabilitate and Renew Your Skin.  Our many users over the past years have confirmed this with their reviews and loyalty to the products.

We have 2 of the 100 Best Buy Products chosen by

New Beauty Magazine

New Beauty Editors said: "A moisturizer, brightener and anti-ager, this formula really does it all to better your skin,"

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Read what our customers say

My girlfriend who is a model recommended this cream to me. She found it in Italy and then couldn't get it anywhere else. When I told her the company was here in Florida she asked me to buy a batch and send it to her so I bought an extra and used it. I'm still not a model but my skin is healthy and has a glow so I will continue to use the product.

Jessy - NY

Staring growing a beard a few months ago but it was so rough all my girlfriend did was complain I was scratching her face. She got some of this at her spa the other day and within a week the hair had softened and the continuous itch had stopped. I will keep using it.


These six products have become my total skincare system. Using the Body Polish and Face Exfoliator three times a weeks and the other products daily has changed the texture my skin both on my face and arms, legs, and stomach. People say I now have a glow and my boyfriend has even noticed. Not cheap stuff but I don't mind because it worked!

Sharon -SF

Lycopene Crema Rinnovante chosen by


for their November 2016 box and received Four hundred 5-star reviews

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