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Informational Whitepapers

Whitepaper - Is Your Skin Cream Working? - Free for Our Customers

Why Your Skin Cream May Not Be Working is a scientific paper showing several aspects of the reasons for non-performance of many skin creams. What few realize is that the ingredients in many of these creams are basically the same, especially if they are not natural. When buying any skin care product attention should be paid not only to the...

Whitepaper - Understanding Acne - What You Thought You Knew

A Realistic Approach to Acne by a Expert Doctor A FREE Whitepaper by Gary Weinberger, MD FACS52 Pages with 34 Pictures and Illustrations With all the products, home remedies, and potions populating the internet these days it is amazing anyone is able to become a specialist in the study of acne, its causes, remedies, and what the clinical trials have resolved to be most...

The Benefits of Lycopene's Use in Your Skin Care

Importance of Using Lycopene in Your Skincare Whitepaper When it comes to your skin, studies at a major University in Europe recognized as a leader in anti-aging research revealed that in addition to lycopene concentrating poorly human skin when consumed orally but its distribution is irregular, concentrating predominantly in the wrists, armpits, hairline and naso-labial folds.It became clear from this...