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difference between drugs and cosmetics

Exactly What is a Drug and What is a Cosmetic

With the myriad of cosmetic products on the market today how does the consumer know which promises made, in fact, are delivered. Although the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does... Read More

Asian Skin is Unique in Its Construction and How You Should Maintain It

 Asians comprise more than half of the earth’s population. With changing demographics in the United States skincare professional will come in contact with an increasing number of patients exhibiting this ethnic... Read More
Asian skin is unique in its needs
exposure to harsh conditions can pose problems

Protecting Your Skin from the Harsh Enviroment

Tests over the years have shown that Lycopene is beneficial for your skin when applied topically. You may surprised to know that tests have additionally proven the many benefits of... Read More

What Exactly is a "Free Radical" and What They Do to Your Skin

Many of the subjects regarding you skincare are scientific and medical based and at their best are difficult to understand. Dr Gary Weinberger, our Executive Director will attempt here to... Read More
talk about free radicals
a primer on your skin care

A Primer on Your Skincare - the Basics if Your Time is Short

A basic skin care regime is , or should be, on the top of your list every day. First, remember the skin is the largest organ in your body. Most... Read More

Fighting Your Wrinkles at Home - Interesting Methods Without Botox or Surgery

One of the most obvious signs of skin aging is increased wrinkling of the face. This occurs naturally overtime and results from certain biochemical, histological, and physiological changes that are... Read More
fighting your wrinkles
natural remedies for cancer

Using Natural Botanicals to Work Against Cancers?

Lycopene, an acyclic hydrocarbon carotenoid found in tomatoes and their products, is a well-established potent antioxidant, and its anticancer properties have been shown in cultured cells and animal models. Many investigators... Read More

The Mysteries of SPF and Sunblock Creams and How You Can Interpret Them

With all the new FDA sunblock rules people are becoming more and more confused. Originally the idea was to do a test and see how long it took a particular... Read More
Explaining the SPF factors