a quicker way to recover from laser treatments

A Faster, Healthier Way to Recover from Laser Skin Treatments

The use of Laser technology for facial rejuvenation remains a popular and time-tested procedure  to soften wrinkles, reduce hyperpigmentation and blotchiness, and enhance collagen production. Newer lasers have made the procedure safe, with quick recovery time. Erbium lasers usually require multiple treatments, whereas CO2 lasers, while more aggressive, can often obtain outstanding results with only one treatment.

At Del Mar Plastic Surgery in San Diego, California, I see many patients with chronic, sun damaged facial skin. In my discussions of treatment options, I emphasize the need for some lifestyle modification, including more consistent use of sunblocks, avoiding prolonged sun exposure, and starting and maintaining an effective skin care regimen.

 I have been using Crema Rinnovante and Crema Pelle Perfetta (CPP), both lycopene-based skin care products made by LYCOPENE SKINCARE, for post-laser skin therapy.  In order to maintain the therapeutic results of a laser peel, regular skin care with effective and natural products is essential.

Starting one week after the laser treatment, patients begin to use Crema Rinnovante twice a day for deep moisturizing and antioxidant therapy. It is light and leaves no greasy residue. Ingredients such as the micro-dispersed lycopene, hyaluronic acid, Vitamins A and E, almond oil, and other natural botanicals contribute to rapid healing and improved results.

 Two weeks after laser treatment, CPP is added to the skin care regimen, first at night for full face coverage, then also in the morning for any remaining stubborn pigmentation. The cream contains natural skin lighteners, including azeleic and kojic acids. Other ingredients, including both Mango and Shea butter, micro-dispersed lycopene, and licorice extract, help stimulate further collagen production and deeply hydrate the skin.

From that point on, patients are told to use the products daily. Often, we will add an exfoliating agent, such and LYCOPENE SKINCARE’S SLI serum, which in addition to lycopene, has Lactic, Glycolic, and Pyruvic acids for gentle but effective exfoliation that allows better penetration of topical creams.

My laser results are better than ever since using lycopene-based products for recovery and maintenance. The products are simple to use, natural, reasonably priced, and most important, effective in producing healthy, beautiful, and youthful skin.