The Many Benefits of Using Lycopene as the Base of Your Skincare

Lycopene has been shown in tests to help with blocking sun damage to the skin. With the new FDA rules in place one cannot put a SPF factor on creams containing only Lycopene and we would never suggest you spend time on the beach or direct sunlight thinking an application of a lycopene cream would protect you from the suns rays. But if you read on you will see that for normal daily wear protection available from natural lycopene is proven.

Lycopene’s ability to block UV light makes it a natural sun block that can be infused into a skin cream to be worn all the time. Many people don’t know that the sun’s damaging rays can penetrate even on cloudy days. For this reason, the use of a lycopene skincare product ensures protection even when the sun is not shining. Let’s just face it, we all want to look younger, have fewer wrinkles, have smooth supple skin, and basically face the world looking as good as possible. As such, we’ll spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on products that promise instant youth.

If you’re already wearing a sunscreen, you may be wondering why lycopene is so beneficial in terms of skincare. The truth of the matter is, lycopene is such a powerful antioxidant it can be used to prevent cell deterioration in the skin. Lycopene is a fat-soluble ingredient that allows for quick and easy absorption and provides users with immediate results. Most of the user testimonials indicate an immediate tightening of skin texture, a reduction in pore size, and a noticeable diminished appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Cosmeceutical companies have dedicated cells to developing a lycopene-infused skincare line designed to meet all the needs and desires of the consumer. For women and men seeking excellence in skincare, lycopene skincare products are the obvious choice. The testimonials been given by women all over the world have truly spoken for themselves in terms of the advantages and the results received through using lycopene skincare products on a regular basis.

Lycopene skincare is the first step in a successful anti-aging skincare regimen. In addition to this, plastic surgeons agree that the regular use of a lycopene-infused skincare cream can help delay the need for surgical intervention and in some cases can help users avoid surgical intervention altogether!

Using lycopene skincare products on your face and neck can have dramatic results. It stands to reason that using lycopene over your body will be beneficial as well. This is why we have developed Lycopene Body Polish and our Mens products.

These statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. Lycopene products are not meant to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.