skin care when your 40

Your Skin Care Priorities at 40 Years Old

Forty is the new 30. It might even be the new 20, depending on who you talk to. Unfortunately, your skin may not have gotten the memo. At age 40, you’re usually beginning to see more significant signs of aging than you witnessed in your 30s. You should step up your skincare routine to manage the side effects of all those birthdays. 

Where’s The Glow?

At 40, you finally realize what all those skincare companies are talking about when they promise to deliver you more radiant skin. Years of exposure to the sun and other elements begin adding up. 

As dark areas and age spots start cropping up on your skin’s surface, the dewy, moisture-rich finish starts to dissipate. This is your decade to focus on exfoliation and moisture. 

Make it a habit to slough off the old skin cells that build up on the outer layer of skin. You’ll uncover the brilliance underneath and get rid of flaky patches. You’ll also encourage the production of collagen, which will help your skin retain its elasticity as you continue down life’s journey.

Infuse Your Skin With Moisture

A good moisturizer is essential in your 40s. Using a product with hyaluronic acid will help your skin retain its own suppleness. It provides long-lasting hydration that will get you through the day without having to reapply your face cream.

The best moisturizers for this age must tackle more than one task at once. Creams with nonanedioic acid and azelaic acid soothe inflammation and redness that’s caused by dry skin. If your hormones are starting to get out of whack, these acids can also help tame acne. 

A multitasking facial product that contains the following ingredients can help deliver lushness to your skin: azelaic acid nonanedioic acid hyaluronic acid Lycopene Cream astaxanthin Lycopene. 

Even It Out

Environmental toxins can make your skin dry and dull. Sun damage can produce dark spots that make themselves known in this decade.

Using skin products with astaxanthin and other antioxidants gives your cells the chance to repair themselves from the inside out. Treating the surface with nonanedioic acid can lighten the dark spots from the outside in. 

When you use skin creams that are infused with azelaic acid nonanedioic acid hyaluronic acid Lycopene Cream astaxanthin Lycopene, you can rest easy knowing that you’re rejuvenating your skin even as you move up in years.
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