lycopene based products are necessary for your skin

Why Lycopene Should Be Part of Your Skin Care

For as long as people have been concerned about their appearance, there have been healers, homeopaths, herbalists, apothecaries, and wizards who have used the bounty of nature to create powders, creams, lotions, and salves to serve those desires. Those mixtures were passed down from one generation to the next, with improvements over the years as practitioners learned more about the human body.

Somewhere along the line, to satisfy the demand for high volume sales, the use of all natural ingredients gave way to the practice of adding man-made chemicals to creams and lotions. While this practice satisfied the profit margins for cosmetic firms, there was not a lot of possible results for the people who purchased the products. The good news here is that today, people are more aware of the benefits derived from natural ingredients, and they are looking for, and buying, dermatology products that are formulated with high quality, all natural ingredients that actually deliver what they promise.


The medical profession, especially nutritionists, continues to examine the effects of vitamins, minerals, herbaceous plants, and extracts on the health and wellness of the human body. During the past few decades, more study, research, and clinical trials have been conducted on how to preserve the health and beauty of our skin, the body’s largest organ. The most significant outcome of these studies has been the formulation of the powerful, proprietary anti-aging compound known as Aquose-Micro-Dispersed-Lycopene (AML). Quite simply, it is a unique blend of botanicals, which have a long history of the known capabilities regarding overall skincare wellness and protection. AML also contains the purest form of highly effective, easily absorbable Lycopene, a very beneficial carotene. This form of cellular protection is not found in any other skincare product on the market today.


The concentrated amount of lycopene in AML performs skin protection in a number of ways that other topical cosmetic moisturizers and creams can never achieve. First of all, AML is a powerful antioxidant that works to shield your skin from UV radiation and environmental free radicals that can damage your outer layer of skin and hurt the delicate under layer of skin just coming to the surface. The second most important benefit of AML is its ability to protect your cellular DNA, and that action means that your body does not need to call on its internal DNA repair systems, which delays the aging process. Another benefit of the AML formula is its anti-inflammatory properties. Topical applications of AML skincare products work to prevent clogged pores and acne breakouts.

Whether someone spends a lot of time exposed to the outdoor environment or working indoors where the air is often either dry or moist, AML products limit, delay, prevent, and repair a variety of skin related imperfections such as the formation of age spots, dry and oily skin, red patches, under eye circles and puffiness, fine line, and wrinkles. The unique, complex combination of exclusive ingredients in this proprietary blend has proven its abilities to strengthen the skin’s collagen renewal process. When there is a slowdown, or breakdown, of your skin’s collagen fibers, there is a natural loosening of the elasticity that then lets the skin form wrinkles, bags, and general sagging of the skin on the face, the neck, the arms, and the legs. AML skincare products can replenish the nutrients in your collagen cells at a faster pace for more effective anti-aging protection. This means that your skin will be stronger, smoother, and will project a more youthful glow.

We are all exposed to the elements and are at risk for the full range of skin harming pollutants. Even without the environmental hazards, there is the normal aging process that occurs throughout our lifetimes. But, with the support of AML in our skincare products, we can fool Mother Nature and have the lovely skin we enjoyed in our youth. The dermatology enhancements of topical skincare products with AML are gentle and beneficial for all skin tones and types, and for both men and women.

The line of men’s and women’s AML skincare products has received excellent reviews, from beauty magazines, from dermatologists, and from actual customers. The takeaway from all of this wonderful news is that the products do deliver what they promise. They are great for recapturing a vibrant, youthful skin appearance, and when used by young adults, they can delay or prevent the signs of aging for many years. When all is said and done, AML products offer the best of both worlds for everyone.