skin care no-no's

Some Things You Should Never Do With Your Skincare

When it comes to your skin, you are your own worst enemy. While the sun and other weather elements can certainly wreak havoc on your outer layer, it is the things that you do to your own skin that can cause the most damage, often unintentionally.

Consider your actions that hurt your skin more than help it:

1. Using bar soap – While many women swear by using nothing fancier on their faces than a good, old-fashioned bar of soap, this is one of the worst tools you can use on your skin. It can make your skin weak by eating away at the outer layer, it can over-dry your skin and cause wrinkles and it removes the barrier that protects your skin from germs.

2. Using products with chemical ingredients – Sweaty, sun-soaked summer skin needs different products than cold, over-dried winter skin. Insisting on using chemicals and products year round can cause damage to your skin, so be sure to vary your routine with the changing seasons and use a natural organic based skincare line such as Lycopene Skin Care.

3. Pulling skin around your eyes – When you pull down your eyelids to adjust your contacts or apply eyeliner, or when you rub your eyes to remove makeup, you are damaging the elasticity of the skin around your eyes. Because this skin is the most delicate of anywhere on your body, you are more likely to give yourself early wrinkles and lines.

4. Not using sudsy soap after swimming – Chlorine is not easily removed from the skin, and it can cause over drying and damage when lotions are applied. A good, sudsy soap is necessary to remove the chlorine effectively.

5. Drinking coffee – Although your eyes may feel more open and tighter from a good cup of caffeine, drinking coffee actually leads to drier skin and increased wrinkles. You can combat the effects with extra water and juicy fruits.

6. Skipping meals – No matter what diet you are attempting, skipping meals leads to dehydration and unnecessary skin aging. Without proper nutrition and vitamins such as C, B3, E and A, your skin will be at a distinct disadvantage.

7. Taking long, hot showers – While you may think that a steamy shower provides a good exfoliation, it actually strips your outer layer of skin, leaving you with dry, red and itchy skin rather than the fresh layer you were expecting.

8. Talking on the phone – Spending long amounts of time talking on the phone is good for your social life, but the extended time with the phone next to your skin can actually cause bacteria to build up and lead to breakouts and rashes along your cheek and jawline. Occasionally wipe down your phone with antibacterial wipes to keep it and your face clean.

9. Getting hair products on your skin – Hairspray, gel and even shampoo dripping onto your face, neck and shoulders can lead to breakouts and rashes as well. Keep your skin clear and unclogged by covering your face while styling and keeping your hair out of your face while exercising.