skin recovery after shaving or waxing

Helping Your Skin to Recover from Shaving or Waxing

Now there is a specific product that besides making your skin feeling better after invasive shaving or waxing, contains many beneficial natural botanicals to help improve your skin’s health. Most post-shave or waxing products were developed on to make you feel better after the stress of shaving or waxing. Now you cab also add seven natural ingredients that will help improve your skin’s overall health.

Your face will feel better with Lycopene Post Shave BalmThe pioneering ingredient SyriCalm™CLR, sourced in Germany, helps to reduce inflammation, and contains barrier repair and maintenance functions. It also helps the skin become less reactive to external attacks, and support the skin’s returning to a “normal” state more quickly.

Dr Weinberger states, “Lycopene Skin Care’s Post Shave Balm is the only cosmetic product to use SyriCalm™CLR, a patented botanical complex specifically formulated to calm irritated skin and help reduce redness.” He further has said “With this novel product both men and women are immediately able to address any irritation created in the shaving or waxing process, thereby helping your skin to return to its normal, healthy state.”

The product is also being used in medical offices & spas to calm inflammation and redness following chemical peels and skin resurfacing procedures.

Lycopene Skin Care’s Post Shave Balm also contains several other botanicals that have been proved beneficial to your skin’s health. Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Glabridin, and Jojoba Seed Oil each has shown beneficial results when used for skin care. Lycopene, our signature ingredient, is the proven premier antioxidant available in nature; and a proprietary blend of High and Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid is best at reducing trans-epidermal water loss. Finally, Chamomile Extract is added for skin soothing and to impart a light natural fragrance.