exposure to harsh conditions can pose problems

Protecting Your Skin from the Harsh Enviroment

Tests over the years have shown that Lycopene is beneficial for your skin when applied topically. You may surprised to know that tests have additionally proven the many benefits of lycopene in your diet. Of course we don’t mean you should eat your skincream but to east foods containing natural lycopene – tomato sauce, watermelon, guava, etc.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your skin could naturally protect itself from the sun? Not only that, how much better would be it if your skin to protect itself from the sun, free radicals, and the other elemental factors that cause aging?

Tomatoes are a great source of lycopene. The good news is that your skin can protect itself. The only component that you need to ensure that your skin is protecting itself from the environment, including the sun, is the right nutritional components. Believe it or not, the lycopene derived from tomatoes is a natural skincare protectant, and can also promote the body’s ability to protect itself from the sun’s harmful rays. Recently, a group of world renowned plastic surgeons has designed a skincare routine solely hinged on the skincare benefits as offered by lycopene.

Lycopene skincare creams not only protect externally, but internally as well. You see, as lycopene skincare cream is absorbed into the skin, it boosts the skin’s own ability to protect itself.

When lycopene skin care cream is used in conjunction with a diet that is also rich in lycopene, your skin becomes a virtual powerhouse against environmental elements. The consumption of lycopene in combination with a lycopene skincare product, will promote your skin’s own ability to protect itself against free radicals as emitted by pollution, radiation, and other man-made components that contribute to rapid aging. Not only that, lycopene skin care products in combination with a diet that’s rich in lycopene promotes your skin’s production of its own sunscreen. Basically, using a lycopene skincare product and boosting your intake of lycopene will prevent the need for sunscreen reapplication again and again throughout the day.

We do recommend that you continue following a sunscreen regimen while your body builds its levels of lycopene. Basically, the first day you utilize lycopene skincare cream, your skin will be protected externally. However, unless you’re already consuming a diet rich in lycopene, you’ll need to build to that point of protection.

Once again, and as always, discuss any new skincare regimen with your dermatologist prior to embarking on a new routine. Your dermatologist’s advice will be geared towards your specific case. Because everyone’s health care needs are different, following the advice of your dermatologist is always recommended.