try doing it without surgery

No Botox, No Surgery, No Lasers - What You Can Do Without Them


You can fight wrinkles without radical methods

You're at that age when the wrinkles start to appear. You can fight them with laser surgery or constant trips for Botox injections. But there are other, less evasive ways to at least minimize their appearance while also doing healthy things to your skin overall.

Did you know your skin was a rejuvenation organ? One that is constantly changing, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. Did you know you have more control over what and how your skin reacts then you think? Yes, your skin is the largest organ on your body and a very important one at that. However, if you want to see exactly the power you have over your skin, do not drink any water for one week. Document how your skin changes, how it becomes dehydrated, dry, and see if you even get some swelling in your ankles, especially if you sit a lot and at the end of the week start drinking water again. Drink eight 8-ounce glasses a day and see how quickly your skin starts to rejuvenate. Something as simple as water intake can drastically change your skins’ appearance as well as its function, so when you ask if you can really minimize your wrinkles and fine lines the answer would be a resounding – yes!

you'll see the difference with lycopene crema pelle perfettaMany factors play into the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on ones face. They could present for a number of reasons, some within your control and others not so much in your control. There is not much anyone can do in regard to aging, we all get older unfortunately so the natural aging process of our skin is going to occur; however, you can lessen the severity of it, or maybe even slow it down. Another situation as to why wrinkles and fine lines present on ones face is due to environmental factors. Free radicals and extended unprotected exposure to the sun can also play havoc on your skin. For the sun bathers that have that deep dark golden tan, do not be surprised when you see those wrinkles and fine lines creeping onto your face much earlier in life, deeper and harder to minimize.

There are many ways one can minimize their wrinkles and fine lines starting with a healthy lifestyle. When discussing a healthy lifestyle, I am not referencing your diet. On the contrary, that is a whole other matter. What is being referenced in your lifestyle is everything you do from recreation to occupation. Granted, not everyone can change their occupation just to save a wrinkle or two. Nevertheless, they can reduce the effects of their surrounds to help protect their skin by using proper sunscreens – UVA and UVB – as well as clothing, hats, glasses, etc to help minimize the effects of the free radicals in the air. Things like air conditioning or excessive heat play a role in how soon one will experience wrinkles and fine lines on their face. By moving your seating position away from the direct line of a heat or air duct will help you reduce exposure to unnecessary free radicals. Other things you can do as far as lifestyle to eliminate or reduce exposure to free radicals that lead to the development of wrinkles and fine lines are:

Use proper sunscreen when outside regardless of sun level – use UVA/UVB blockers.
Do not smoke and limit your exposure to second hand smoke.
Do not drink alcohol or at least limit it to the minimum.
Avoid wearing tight hats, sweatbands and other clothing or hat accessories that can cause free radicals to become trapped.
Limit time in chlorine and salt water and bathe with clean water after exposure thoroughly.
Use natural skin care hydrators daily and wash and hydrate again before bed.

Your diet is another way you can help minimize wrinkles and fine lines. By eating a healthy diet full of all the necessary nutrients needed to build a healthy system, you will greatly reduce premature wrinkling and fine lines. A diet high in anti-oxidants is extremely beneficial for your skin as well as including plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables abundant in natural anti-oxidants such as tomatoes with their high lycopene content, fish, nuts, seeds, and fiber. Drinking ample water daily also will greatly reduce their appearance and premature skin aging.

Ample exercise, rest and relaxation also will help you reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as help avoid premature aging of your skin. Stress is another leading contributor to wrinkles. When a person is stressed, they have a natural tendency to scrunch or tighten up their face aiding to those unwanted wrinkles. Although stress cannot be totally eliminated from one’s life, learning how to deal with it appropriately to lessen the effects of stressful situations will also help you minimize wrinkles and fine lines. Exercise is a great stress reliever as well as helps improve your skins circulation and blood flow. The improved blood flow and circulation help your skin to eliminate waste and toxins from your body that may lead to wrinkles and fine lines. You can call it your skin care in the gym.

Choosing the right skin care products is also very important in minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Chemically based skin care products only work for the short term leaving behind toxic chemical build up in your body that can lead to fatty pocket deposits and the same conditions you were trying to treat such as wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, bags under the eyes, skin tone and texture and skin radiance. A fancy jar full of fancy names in the ingredients’ list is made to impress the consumer. However, those fancy names that one can barely pronounce are the ones you need to beware of. At the least, 33% of the chemicals used in skin and hair care products can be directly linked to cancer. Those fancy chemical words you read on those fancy packages can come back later to turn your life into a living nightmare. The money you dump on these fancy packages is turning your body into a waste dump yard full of toxins. If you really want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, you are wise to use products that are safe for your skin, health, and environment that are made from natural ingredients. You want to use a product that compliments your skin with 100% natural ingredients and botanicals.

Research a skin care product before putting it on your skin. Read the ingredients used and understand the risks that are involved in using it. There is no logical reason to apply a toxin, such as hydroquinone, to your face to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles when there are skin care products using natural botanicals such as azelaic acid, that is derived from grains, available and by far more affective and healthier, for your body, and the environment.