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Summer is Here - Do You Understand SPF Factors

With the unofficial arrival of summer on May 30th an important aspect of your skin care is the use of sunblock. A recent article by Natalie O’Neill in the New York Post directly addressed the issue and the shortfalls as reported by Consumer Reports study recently published.

“Roughly half the lotions and sprays tested aren’t as strong as their labels claimed. 43% of 65 water-resistant sunscreens had a lower Sun Protection Factor (SPF) than advertised on their labels. Also noted were two sunscreens, marketed toward kids, were labeled with a SPF of 50 but actually had strength of only about SPF 8.”

Adding to this confusion is how the SPF factors are viewed by the public. If you ask the majority of people what a SPF factor of 4 represents most would agree that this would mean you would be able to stay in the sun for 4 times the longer before you burned than you would without any sunscreen. Therefore one would conclude that a SPF factor of 50 would allow you to spend fifty more times exposed to the sun without the chance of a sun burn; but tests have proved this is not correct. Actually several SPF 50 labeled sunscreens only had an increase of SPF of 4 from a comparable SPF 25 product – in other words a real SPF of 29.

The problem is caused by how the sunscreen companies actually test the SPF factors of their products. Most, if not all, sunscreen companies use a spectrometer to determine their SPF. The Food and Drug Administration has mandated a change to using actual humans in the tests to arrive at the actual time it does take to sunburn, and then how much protection the cream or lotion offers after application. The strong lobbies of the sunscreen companies have continually blocked the FDA’s implementing these regulations. Therefore we remain at the mercy of sunscreen manufacturers’ marketing ploys
The one thing proven in many medical studies is the sun’s rays can cause harm to your skin. The consequences may be hyperpigmentation, dark spots, premature skin aging and in extreme cases skin cancer. While it is necessary to always use sun protection when you know you will spend lengthy time in the sun such as hiking, swimming, or at the beach, you should not discount the need for sun protection in your everyday skin care.

The only proven ingredient for this skin protection is topically applied Lycopene. The Mt Sinai School of Medicine actually called Lycopene the King of Antioxidants in its extensive study. Other studies have shown that applying topical lycopene to you skin does offer a true SPF of between 3 and 4 which is normally adequate for your daily exposure outside. If you’ll be outside for a longer time be sure to apply a good sunscreen over your Lycopene Crema Rinnovante.

Besides imparting this basic sun protection Lycopene Crema Rinnovante also contain 19 other botanicals which benefit your skin health. All Lycopene Skin Care products are manufactured with the finest ingredients sourced throughout the world, and made in small batches to ensure the freshness of product. If you have already experienced sun damage to your skin our Crema Pelle Perfetta can renew your skin and fight dark spots, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation with natural botanicals.