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Maximizing skin care system that erases dark spots, reduces the frequency and severity of adult blemishes, and evens red blotchy skin.

In a recent survey of women the most recent beauty concern that they have is not wrinkles but hyperpigmentation commonly called “age” or “liver” spots.  These dark spots are a result of repeated exposure to environmental pollutants and the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays.  These harmful contaminants cause microscopic inflammation of the skin that stimulate the abnormal over- production of the skin pigment melanin by the pigment producing skin cells called  melanocytes.  These dark spots form over months and years as the skin ages and will not go away in a week or two as promised by many lightening creams as a point of sales.  This marketing tactic results in an over expectation on the part of the public that is doomed to failure. Dark spots do not form over-night and will not go away over-night usually. One of the most commonly used skin lightening ingredients, hydroquinone, is now banned in all the countries in the EU, Asia, Australia, and now many states in the USA. 

The only proven non-hydroquinone based skin lightening ingredient is nonanedioic acid.  This prescription strength ingredient is the key to our CPP Cream and is safe and effective for all skin types .  This active agent works by blocking the abnormal production of melanin by melanocytes over-stimulated by repeated exposure to the sun’s UVA, UVB rays and other inflammatory environmental contaminants. The average patient will begin to see some results in two to three weeks but cannot expect to see maximum results in less the 60-90 days when using the cream twice daily.  To obtain optimum results we recommend using an exfoliator along with the CPP Cream.  This will remove dead skin cells on the skin’s surface that block the active agents from reaching deeper skin layers where they exert their maximum effect.  Use a gentle exfoliator like our fruit acid based facial exfoliating serum two to three times a week and not a product that contains abrasives that can damage the integrity of the skin allowing dirt and bacteria to enter.

In conclusion; over-expectation from a skin lightening product is the greatest cause for failure to eliminate dark spots.  Although you will begin to some results in two to three weeks, maximum results will not be obtained for 60-90 days.  Age spots took years to form and will not go away over-night despite the empty promises made by many skin lightening creams.  For best results use CPP Cream twice daily along with our fruit acid based exfoliator two to three times a week.

To protect and hydrate your skin we recommend using our antioxidant rich age-defying Lycopene Crema Rinnovante everyday along with the CPP Cream to maintain healthier, glowing, younger looking skin.



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