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A Combination of the #1 Antioxidant - Lycopene Crema Rinnovante and the Latest in Moisturizers - Anti-Aging Hydrolizer

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Crema Rinnovante Lycopene advances skin health to a new level by combining two of nature’s most powerful antioxidants -- lycopene and astaxanthin -- with nineteen natural botanicals and moisturizers to nourish and hydrate your skin. Aquose Microdispersed Lycopene (AML), a new form of lycopene created for Lycopene Skincare, is a water soluble, solvent-free carotenoid with the highest-known antioxidant activity available today. Studies conducted at prestigious European medical schools have shown that this combination offers significant protection against the effects of the sun’s UVA Maintenance Products rays and environmental pollutants.Then by combining hyaluronic acid with the natural muscle relaxant Acmella oleracea, fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced. Experience rapidly-absorbed and luxurious Crema Rinnovante Lycopene for yourself and see the difference!

 The Hydrolizer Gel

Why No. 23? Simply, it took us 23 trials before our doctors were happy with the results the product would produce for our clients. The Snow Algae is what put us over the top!

This soothing gel-cream delivers a light veil of moisture to refresh the skin instantly.
Powerful antioxidants boost the skin’s resilience for a more youthful appearance. The
light-as-air texture leaves a breathable, soft matte finish and healthy glow.