Snow Algae for Skin Care

How Cloudberry and Snow Algae Will Improve Your Skin

Humanity has been looking for the healthier, happier life for the species' entire existence on this Earth. This includes improving the health of the body's largest organ, the skin. Natural skin care, since the dawn of the Internet especially, has taken off as a rapidly growing market. It's never been easier to find quality, scientifically-backed skin care products to make sure your life is healthier and happier, day by day, pore by pore. However, skepticism is still widespread about natural skin care products, making it vital that we discuss the safety and efficacy of the ingredients in skin care products. This post will focus on two particular ingredients: cloudberry, and snow algae.

Cloudberries, or Rubus chamaemorus, grow in higher altidudes, being primarily harvested in northern European countries like Norway, Sweden, and Finland. However, its influence is not confined to Scandinavia. Natural skin care supplies around the world have been relying on cloudberry for its rejuvenating properties.

Cloudberries, and the nutrients inside them, are incredible for building a last line of defense for your skin. Vitamins C and E, crucial parts of tissue recovery and strength, are the main nutrients found in cloudberries. However, various phytochemicals--plant-based chemicals that are not as important as vitamins or minerals, but still immensely helpful to human growth and development--bring out the truly strong health benefits. Ellagic acid is anti-inflammatory, and strengthens the skin's defenses against the sun, reducing the likelihood of sunburn. Finally, omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids hydrate the skin, making it healthier and happier, and thereby making you healthier and happier.

Snow Algae
Have you ever heard that in southern Europe, snow will sometimes be red? This is because this algae mixes with sands and dirt flowing up from the Sahara, creating a red snowy substance. However, this isn't just a trivia factoid. These microbes have serious benefits for skin health and resilience. Similar to cloudberries, its strength lies in its phytochemicals (that's right, despite not being plant-based, certain algae also have these useful compounds). Pigments found in the algae itself have been shown to replenish the natural pigmentation found in skin. This natural pigmentation does not just let your natural skin tone shine; it also defends further against ultraviolet radiation coming from the Sun. Additionally, various proteins have been scientifically demonstrated to improve skin texture, lubricating the upper skin layers and leaving you in a happier, healthier state of being.

Implications for Skincare
While research is still nascent, these components could have a profound impact on the efficacy of skin care products, boosting their ability to protect and reinforce skin tissue strength, as well as slowing UV radiation, reducing the likelihood of sunburn, sun poisoning, and even skin cancer. Yes, the ingredients are a little obscure. However, scientific data universally proclaims these natural remedies as fantastic steps on the road to stronger, healthier skin.

Overall, cloudberry and snow algae are potent little creatures. Despite the relative obscurity of these organisms in common knowledge, they are inviolable components of a good skin care product. Make sure you look for products containing these ingredients, because they'll leave your skin looking better and brighter, and leaving you happier and healthier.