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Whitepaper - Is Your Skin Cream Working? - Free for Our Customers

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Why Your Skin Cream May Not Be Working is a scientific paper showing several aspects of the reasons for non-performance of many skin creams.

What few realize is that the ingredients in many of these creams are basically the same, especially if they are not natural. When buying any skin care product attention should be paid not only to the ingredients but whether the ingredients actually do something for your skin. Paying a lot for a cream with an exotic ingredient that has never been shown to be of any benefit for your skin is just throwing your money away and is more a function of the seller’s marketing acumen rather than their products ability to live up to its hype.

In addition to a basic working knowledge of ingredients it is important to take into account your skin care routine which allows your skin care product to do what it is intended to do. Whether you are trying to correct skin flaws like dark spots and wrinkles, or simply trying keeping your skin hydrated and healthy, how you prepare your skin prior to applying any product is of paramount importance.

Identifying these procedures and formulating practices is the function of this whitepaper